Reasons to NOT choose Marcson Homes

Let’s face it; not every builder is a match for every client. While there are many reasons to choose Marcson Homes,
there are some inevitable consequences should you decide to take the leap of faith with us.


Additional expenses

Our clients regularly tell us they never considered all the additional entertaining expenses when their friends are always suggesting they host the get-togethers. We are well known for being the builder having gourmet kitchens included in our homes, and the compliments during our clients’ dinner parties are proof.  Welcomed at first… this can become annoying. Just remember to smile and say ‘thank you.’ Tip to reducing the food expenses; bring back the ‘potluck.’


Fewer hours in your day

Like our kitchens, at Marcson Homes, our spa-inspired ensuites are one of our trademarks. At the end of the day, most people wonder where the time went. Imagine how much additional time will vanish when you have a luxurious master bath as your retreat. A few candles and some great music. Spending time in the ensuite has never been so enjoyable. We suggest waking up a half hour early to make up for the time lost.


Mind boggling process

With so many cutting-edge home designs to choose from, how does one pick? Even if you can narrow one down, with the option to customize to suit, and “make-your-own-Marcson,” the sky is almost the limit. A traditional ‘cookie-cutter’ builder with pre-set options could make your buying process simpler. At least until you move in and say, “I wish we could have….”


We ask WAY too many questions!

The reason you are out looking for a new home is likely because your current home is no longer working well for you. Be forewarned; our New Home Specialists may tend to ask a lot of questions in an effort to match you to the right home. As annoying as these questions initially appear; our clients, in the end, tell us it was the best buying experience they encountered. They felt our professional team of specialists truly wanted to understand what would be a fantastic solution for them.  After all, who doesn’t want a professional who listens to your needs? We strive in hopes that with our team you have found those ‘ears’; if not, please let us know…


Uh-oh… No negotiation!

Unlike many builders who inflate their pricing to allow room to play the negotiation game, we have a ‘best-price-first’ philosophy. We do not believe it is right for a client to have to rely on good negotiating skills to get a fair price for their investment. Our clients tell us that they just want an easy buying process where they don’t have a price guessing game at the end. If you want to know if a builder has inflated their pricing, just ask, “Can we negotiate?” No games here.  Simple, honest, and fair pricing. Please, we urge you to shop around and make us your last stop. We are confident like those before you; that you will also see that the value in our homes speaks for itself.