The Marcson UNdesign Center

We contemplated opening a design centre, years ago, but after so much feedback from our clients
preferring that we didn’t open one, we decided against it!

Why?  The purpose of a design center is to appear as though the clients have a ‘one-stop-shop.’  However, because design centers are never large enough to be equipped with all the selections available, customers are still required to have a separate appointment at the appliance supplier, lighting supplier and often more.

We found that the downfall to our clients if we opened a design centre, no different than how it cannot possibly showcase all the appliance or lighting options; we also would need to offer a smaller selection of flooring options, tile backsplash options, as well as a reduced selection of plumbing and cabinetry options.  Our clients felt that since they still would need to do a minimum of three separate appointments anyway, for the additional one or two appointments required, they preferred to go where the suppliers themselves had all items available to view, rather than a reduced offering shown in a limiting design center.

Our clients love the opportunity to visit our suppliers direct.  Not only to have the chance to view all available options, but they appreciate the expert advice they receive when getting their information “straight from the horse’s mouth”!  After all, who is more knowledgeable about the particular supplier products?  Well, of course, those individual vendors themselves!